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IRC offers credit reports from over 50 different sources through a relationship with a credit information aggregating service. IRC also offers SinoTrust credit reports specifically for Chinese companies. Begin ordering a credit report by entering your email address below.

Does your company spend $10,000 or more per year on credit reports? Has your company ever explored Creditsafe as an information provider? If you would like to learn more about Creditsafe or to get a quote please either click here  or give IRC a call at 614-224-7623 and ask for Michael Downey.

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                                        IRC Credit Report Price List


Delivery Schedule  Price
U.S.A Normal 7-8 Business days $102
U.S.A Express 4-5 Business days $140
Canada Normal 6-7 Business days $160
Canada Express 3-4 Business days $185
Latin Normal 8-13 Business days $151
Latin Express 5-8 Business days $203
Asia Pacific/ Australia Normal 5-13 Business days $161-$192
Asia Pacific/ Australia Express 5-9 Business days $192-$358
Europe Normal 7-12 Business days $120-$242
Europe Express 5-8 Business days $140-$360
Africa Normal 10-12 Business days $182-$215
Africa Express 5-7 Business days $199-$257

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