Quick Guide to Short-Term Multi-Buyer application

Congratulations on getting started! Let your IRC Broker know any question.

To complete the application you will need your most recent fiscal year Financial Statements, Total Buyer Portfolio to be Insured Credit Sales (including losses) for last three years, Sales Forecast, and current Aged Receivables report (dated within 30 days of application).

You will need to consider your highest combined credit exposure at any one time for a requested Policy Payment Limit. Enter detail on what type of customers, what terms you will extend, Projected Sales Volume and what countries you expect to make export credit sales to. You will need some detail on your history of Credit Sales as well as current Accounts Receivable.

Talk to your IRC Broker about how you Invoice, make Shipments and whether you may need to request any Special Coverages or Exclusions. If your Credit Insurance Policy will be associated with financing, Lender Assignments may be executed after the Policy is in place.

This summary is meant to help move you forward with an Application which will be thoroughly reviewed by your IRC Broker before market submission.

Your IRC-eye saved application will expire in 60 days if not submitted.

Contact IRC with any question or concern. Thank you!

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